Venture into
the Broken Lands...

Build an Empire in a World Torn Asunder

It is a time for new Empires to rise! Will yours be amongst them? The Order has fallen, their cites are ruins, their magics spent. In a land of war and magic, diplomacy and mystery, can you build an Empire to rival that of the ancients?

  • 512 technologies to research
  • 67 buildings to construct
  • Mining, hunting, gathering, crafting and trading
  • All new factions, mysteries and quests to explore
(* In-game footage; requires a WebGL capable browser)


A Continent of Mystery and Danger

Explore the Broken Lands through an epic series of Quests, where your choices change events as they unfold.

Your city's story, and the balance of power across the Broken Lands, are in your hands.

  • Brand new 6-month story arc
  • Befriend or battle NPC factions
  • Your choices shape the world
Meet the Factions of the Broken Lands


January 31, 2013

Broken Lands Expansion Announced

Illyriad announces its first full game expansion entitled The Broken Lands, scheduled to be released in 2013. View the press release or contact for press inquiries.

January 31, 2013

Help Name a Faction Hub and Win Prestige!

Make your mark on the new world of the Broken Lands in Illyriad by naming a Faction Trading Hub. View the full details and rules at the Illyriad forums. Contest ends February 28, 2013.

Broken Lands FAQ

Q: What is the Broken Lands? Is this a new world?

The Broken Lands is Illyriad's first major expansion and an extension to the world of Illyria. This new continent doubles the land size of the world, bringing in new terrain, new Factions and more.

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