Preview: Illyriad UIv3

This is not another April Fool’s Joke, Illyriad is proud to present our latest user interface refresh. As the game grows and evolves, more features are added and finding the best way to display those features is an important part of the development process. With the new UI, we hope to add some valuable usability improvements as well as give the overall game presentation an updated look.

Some of the updated features and visual changes are as follows.

New sidebar: The sidebar has been condensed to hold more important information and features. It now consists of three tabbed sections. The first is a tabbed box for next events and notifications, in the middle is the friends list and at the bottom is a tabbed box for both global chat and alliance chat. Players can click on the title header to bring the preferred tab to the foreground at any time and the global chat and alliance chat tabs can be undocked for viewing both at once.

Next events: The next events section shows both items you have queued for building and research.

Super search: The top portion of the sidebar contains a search box that you can use to find anything in game including players, towns, alliances and pages.

Friends list: With the friends list feature, you will be able to add fellow players to your friends (through a mutual agreement) and see when that player is online. This feature will become even more important when private chat becomes available in a later game update.

Positioning memory: In the new UI, tab settings and chat window placement will be remembered by browser. If you refresh or log out and back in on the same browser and computer, last size and positioning will be kept.

Navigation: A two-tiered tabbed navigation system is at the top of all pages, with links to pages within that section of the game. Players can choose to use this additional navigation, or use the radial menus at the top of the page, as is currently the style in game.

Herald: The lore portion of the Herald has been split into its own page that looks and functions like a book with turning pages. This creates a fun, interactive way to display the lore of the game as it evolves over time.

Stats page: The release notes and stats sections, previously on the Herald, now have their own page.

Player profiles: Profile pages have sections to display alliance medals and titles.

Visual changes: Stylistic, visual changes have been made throughout the UI to create a cleaner visual presentation and better use of space. Many elements, such as type style and buttons have a similar appearance to the Illyriad website. Interior pages and sidebar edges use a thin, wooden frame, with paper texture interior and golden patterned texture for headers. We believe this creates a cleaner, more cohesive presentation of the game as well as a more flexible framework that we can add to as needed.

We hope you enjoy these changes to the Illyriad UI and find it both easier to use, and more visually appealing. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section or on our forums. These UI changes and more will be available in our next game update.

GM Luna

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15 thoughts on “Preview: Illyriad UIv3”

  1. cant wait i love this game and the people here are the best i have met alot of friends here that are now chatting on skype with all of them you hare doing an awsome job keep up the great work

  2. It looks great, and the super search will be a major welcome addition. I sure hope you plan on restoring the next/previous city buttons though. I’m already hearing a lot of worried remarks on their absence in Harmless, and I use them pretty heavily myself.

    I’m loving the clean, sharp graphical elements.

  3. Oh, and please pretty please make
    a) the extended resource bar REMEMBER that I want it extended, and
    b) the arrow that controls it stay in sync (not reset to assuming not extended when switching cities).

  4. > I sure hope you plan on restoring the next/previous city buttons though.

    This is only because GM Luna has only one town.

    > a) the extended resource bar REMEMBER that I want it extended

    Does in this version.

    > b) the arrow that controls it stay in sync (not reset to assuming not extended when switching cities).

    Does in this version.

  5. looking amazing

    please don’t remove the circles around the difrent menu’s cause if the objective is to spare clicks removing them and being replaced with that bar below “city map” title would increase the number of clicks (i assume it would make my historic way bigger…)

  6. Nice.
    One thing I’m noting and hoping is that you’re not building it for just a wide screen monitor. There is another game out there that recently retooled their interface and those still running XP and older monitors really couldn’t hardly play anymore and people left in droves.
    I like more elegance and functionality that doesn’t require you are running the hottest system on the market.
    And I look forward to see the direction it goes. After 15 years of online gaming and countless years before that with dice, I know change is inevitable. Games that don’t change, stagnate, and stop growing. I look forward to years of positive growth and development.

  7. The new UI is the same size as the current UI, so it shouldn’t be any more or less suited for whatever setup anyone is using now.


  8. nice!
    once again i shall refere how excided i am 😀

    1 sugestion (don’t know if it is or not in play)
    related to friends.

    they should (either if in GC or AC) apeer as green the same way devs appear at blue and we at black they should be green.

    i am not shure if we should be capable of seeing other people friends is a good idea… but well that is not a a sugestion… is just a thought…

  9. You will not be capable of seeing other people’s friends lists. Only yours and any account you may be sitting.

    Interesting suggestion about chat color. I’ll pass along the idea. 🙂


  10. oh great 😀 !!!
    this is just so amazing… 😀

    “when will it go live?”
    is my only question remaining 😀

  11. All the new improvements are great and all, but every time I want to play the game it redirects me to a blog. Even on the official website! AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGG!

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