Illyriad’s 7th Tournament, Champions Return, is now live

Press Release: April 2, 2013

Illyriad, the acclaimed massively-multiplayer online strategy game, launched its 7th server-wide tournament today, entitled Champions Return. During this month-long live event, players will work together with their Alliances to combat the undead hordes and claim Ancient Champions for their armies. Portals have opened across the 37 regions of the map, out of which Ancient Champions will emerge, joining the player’s army who is occupying the site. Players will need to compete with each other to hold the squares, as well as co-ordinate with their Alliance to gain access to the Ancient Champion military units. Alliances with the most Ancient Champion units will win valuable in-game prizes including:

  • Hundreds of dollars worth of Prestige, in-game currency
  • An Alliance tournament statue to be placed permanently on the world map in game
  • Custom-designed, unique medals to be displayed on the player profiles of each member who acquires an Ancient Champion

For EACH REGION (most Champions collected throughout the month):
1st Place: 100 Prestige to the Alliance Prestige pool
2nd Place: 50 Prestige to the Alliance Prestige pool
3rd Place: 25 Prestige to the Alliance Prestige pool

For the OVER ALL winners (most Champions collected in total during the month) also receive the following bonus:
1st Place: 3000 Prestige to the Alliance Prestige pool and an Alliance Tournament Statue
2nd Place: 1500 Prestige to the Alliance Prestige pool
3rd Place: 750 Prestige to the Alliance Prestige pool

The tournament will come to a close at midnight on April 30. Full details and rules can be found at the Illyriad official forums.


About Illyriad:

“An epic RTS but with killer lore and an awesome community.” –

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Illyriad is a browser-based Massively Multiplayer strategy game, in which players take control of cities, engaging in city-building, quests, diplomacy, warfare and trade. Developed by London-based Illyriad Games Ltd., Illyriad went live in 2010 and was officially launched on May 16th 2011.

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