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Illyriad is a free-to-play, HTML5 massively-multiplayer real-time strategy game, set in a vast fantasy world of mountain ranges, lakes, forests, oceans, islands, rivers, deserts, jungles, marshes and the northern wastes with countries and factions - each with their own agendas.

Be the ruler that you want to be. Build a trade network or a powerful military. Become a spy master, or mistress of powerful magics. Join a vast alliance or carve your own path as an independent ruler. Quest, scout, trade, raid, occupy lands, scavenge resources, build your city, train commanders, settle new lands...

The Kingdom of Illyriad is an exciting world of opportunities and challenges where you build your empire from scratch in the manner of your own choosing. Play Now for FREE!

Illyriad News
Feb 23, 2015

New Medal Options

There are 256 new medal parts, mostly bases. You'll also see bone edges, beer icons, arrow heads and candles!
Feb 23, 2015

Notifications Api/XML feeds

For those of you who are building new third-party tools, you might be glad to know that there is now an API Key XML feed in place for account & town Notifications.
Feb 23, 2015

Beyond 10 Cities

Going beyond 10 cities is now possible. However, the step between each new city does increasingly demand a greater jump in population.
Feb 22, 2015

Illyriad Version v4 Preview

Introduces a grand strategic map, where the map can be viewed from different rotational angles to better see the lay of the land, with data pulled from across the entire world - and all visible at once.
Feb 22, 2015

The Meeting

The Player Council discuss lore, history, rumours and dangerous tales.
Feb 22, 2015

Build Time Reductions

Storehouse, Lumberjack, Clay Pit, Iron Mine, Quarry, Farmyard , Library, Barracks, Marketplace, Brewery & Tavern are all much faster to build at their starting levels.
Feb 22, 2015

Building Effect Changes

Foreign office effectiveness tripled, vault capacity tripled & now storage. Storehouse more than doubled. Lumberjacks, Clay pits, Iron mines, Quarries, Farms & Library all boosted production at lower levels.