illyriad - Grand Strategy MMO

Mercenary - Bestiary

Errant Knight Mercenary Light Horse
It's expensive being a knight. And sometimes the cost becomes a little too much and they need to hire themselves out. Groups of these Errant Knights are without a liege lord and are the hardest hitting mercenaries you can find. Lords light on mobile forces often hire mercenaries with their own horses. These Mercenary Light Horse units are quickly available light cavalry in a pinch.
Corsair Henchman
If you venture down to the docks in the most lawless port cities of the world, you'll sometimes find scarred squabs, almost always carrying a cutlass. Be careful of their skill with that pigsticker, though… Think of the bouncer at a seedy tavern in your city. The burly guy with a mace who is out to make a coin-- That's your Henchman.
Marauder Hired Spear
Find the roughest tavern in the city and find the most scarred and grizzled veteran drinking there. He'll help you raise an elite set of Marauders to defend your city in a pinch, if you have the coin. In the more colorful areas of town, one often finds men of questionable character who can be hired (with their spears) to fight for the right price.

Mercenary Unit Statistics

Move Speed Carrying Capacity Attack Spear Defense Sword Defense Bow Defense Cavalry Defense
Hired Spear 6 10 9 14 14 4 20 Spearunit
Marauder 4 10 23 16 16 6 26 Spearunit
Henchman 5 10 14 13 14 9 13 Infantry
Corsair 3 10 28 16 17 14 15 Infantry
Bowman 7 10 14 16 15 17 8 Ranged
Professional Crossbowman 5 10 23 22 20 21 10 Ranged
Mercenary Light Horse 13 10 29 14 23 15 23 Cavalry
Errant Knight 9 10 43 17 27 18 28 Cavalry