illyriad - Grand Strategy MMO

Undead - Bestiary

The wilds of Illyria are filled with all sorts of creatures for players to discover and battle for the more brave of heart. Below is a sampling of creatures discovered during the player tournament "The Undead Horde".

Continue to explore and who knows what you may find?

Dracolich Dragon Revenant
Dragons have access to old magics but very few pervert this power by dabbling in the Necromantic arts. The Dracolich proves the exception to the rule. Truly terrifying and horrifically magnificent, this most powerful of the evil dead can end most battles before they have even begun.

Special Ability: Binding Darkness
The risen skeleton of a powerful, dragon of old. The ancient knowledge that a Dragon Revenant carries has been harnessed and perverted by the madness of the dark, and it is this ancient power that makes it an especially dangerous foe.

Special Ability: Aura of Terror
Bone Dragon Bone Drake
Larger than the Bone Drake, this terrible beast can decimate armies, turning even the bravest of warriors into gibbering cowards to be hunted down and devoured by the pitchy-black flames and noxious vapours blasted from the bone dragon's skeletal jaw.

Special Ability: Greater Fear
Four powerful legs support the long, serpentine skeleton of this monstrous abomination borne aloft by two intricately boned wing-stubs.

Special Ability: Fear
Soulstealer Darkwraith
A Soulstealer's aura emanates from their vague and flowing form, spreading out in a green mist of dancing luminescence that transfixes those unlucky enough to see it.

Special Ability: Lifeseap
Able to cross between the realm of the visible and insubstantiality at will, the Darkwraith seeks out powerful foes and materialises near them to feed from their lifeforce.

Special Ability: Chill Touch
Barrow Wight Shade
A wraith that usually haunts the earthmounds of the long deceased, a Barrow Wight is not often seen outside of funereal grounds.

Special Ability: Icy Clutch
Trapped halfway between the grave and the netherworld, the shade is an incorporeal wisp of living night, usually unseen until it's too late.

Special Ability: Shadow Grasp
Revenant Lord Revenant
Carrying a mighty curved bow of black ash, a Revenant Lord is capable of raining down accurate death from a great distance.

Special Ability: Arrows of Night
Still a proud and effective fighter, a Revenant is an expert swordsman with an unquenchable hatred for the living.

Special Ability: Blackblade
Death Knight Fallen Spearlord
Clad in the darkest armour, a Revenant Death Knight knows no fear astride his pitch-black steed.

Special Ability: Nightsteed
A master of spear combat risen again, the Fallen Spearlord has lost none of his deadly potency, even in death.

Special Ability: Soulspear
Moumiya Lord Ancient Moumiya
Whilst living, they numbered amongst the most powerful Lords of the land. In death, they have carried this authority beyond the veil. Their raw hatred of those who yet live, a hatred borne of pure jealousy, knows no bounds.

Special Ability: Curse of Mortifaction
The longer a Moumiya slumbers before its unwanted awakening, the more powerful it becomes. Ancient Moumiyas have slept long - and have gained significant abilities to leave lingering curses upon the living.

Special Ability: Mind Curse
Red Moumiya Black Moumiya
Wrapped tightly in sand-coloured cloth, a Red Moumiya is capable of exacting a terrible price from its foes by calling them to service in the realm of the dead.

Special Ability: Blood Curse
Certain factions of Illyria preserve the corpses of the dead using a sticky black tar found in the desertlands of the South. Corrupted by dark magic, a Black Moumiya is one who has risen from their eternal slumber to wreak revenge on those who disturb its rest.

Special Ability: Curse of Dust
Banshee Tortured Soul
Lithely beautiful, but terrifyingly taloned and with teeth that tear and rend, the Banshee’s wail carries all the mournful horror of the dead realm into the hearts of those unfortunate enough to hear her scream.

Special Ability: Scream Of The Banshee
The terrible screams and woeful cries of a disembodied soul trapped in the physical realm, unable to escape, carry a great distance and can break the nerve of even the hardiest warrior.

Special Ability: Enfeebling Howl
Spectre Phantasm
A fast-moving and highly effective spellcaster, a Spectre channels all the fear and unease created by the depths of the night and focuses it into a shifting wall of darkness.

Special Ability: Veil Of The Dark
An avenging spirit of the wrongfully slain, a phantasm can use its ability to shift in and out of the corporeal realm to avoid physical damage.

Special Ability: Incorporeal Manifestation
Armlang Ruslang
Despite being extremely slow, the Armlang - a sloughing, vaguely humanoid mass of twisted flesh and tortured bone - is tough to bring down.

Special Ability: Contagion
Warped and shattered bones protrude from the broken, stinking flesh on this animated cadaver.

Special Ability: Greater Infected Wounds
Shalang Khraglang
A shambling heap of rotting flesh, the Shalang has great strength - especially in numbers.

Special Ability: Infected Wounds
A Khraglang is the shambling, rotting, risen corpse of the soulless dead. They are slow and not difficult to kill, but have a ranged attack.

Special Ability: Infectious Bloodspray

Undead Unit Statistics

Move Speed Carrying Capacity Attack Spear Defense Sword Defense Bow Defense Cavalry Defense
Reanimated Bonesman 6 0 9 16 10 18 7 Infantry
Ribbed Cadaver 6 0 22 28 16 32 18 Infantry
Skeletal Warrior 6 0 32 40 27 38 27 Infantry
Ossified Commander 6 0 40 55 34 58 32 Infantry
Khraglang 5 0 8 7 5 7 6 Ranged
Shalang 5 0 18 16 10 13 12 Infantry
Ruslang 5 0 25 27 17 22 19 Infantry
Armlang 3 0 32 40 32 38 34 Infantry
Phantasm 26 0 13 24 12 28 15 Cavalry
Spectre 24 0 22 34 22 40 25 Cavalry
Tortured Soul 19 0 30 42 30 44 36 Ranged
Banshee 19 0 42 60 40 66 48 Ranged
Black Moumiya 5 0 13 12 11 14 9 Spearunit
Red Moumiya 6 0 18 22 15 20 15 Spearunit
Ancient Moumiya 5 0 29 35 27 42 25 Ranged
Moumiya Lord 4 0 50 48 32 46 36 Ranged
Fallen Spearlord 8 0 24 30 35 26 48 Spearunit
Death Knight 18 0 46 32 39 39 50 Cavalry
Revenant 10 0 50 45 47 47 47 Infantry
Revenant Lord 10 0 55 34 36 34 32 Ranged
Shade 22 0 52 74 40 78 68
Barrow Wight 12 0 64 82 50 82 76
Darkwraith 20 0 72 88 54 86 86
Soulstealer 14 0 80 102 60 106 94
Bone Drake 55 0 2400 3300 3250 2850 3200
Bone Dragon 65 0 3150 3450 3350 3250 3500
Dragon Revenant 63 0 4975 5350 5100 5450 5200
Dracolich 70 0 7200 10200 9960 9350 10220