illyriad - Grand Strategy MMO

Blights Magic

The Blights School of Magic allows you to project various woes onto the cities of your enemy.

Persistent Rain

The caster summons dark clouds that hang - heavy, black and pendulous - over the target city. The resulting deluge causes the rivers and creeks to overflow, sending sheets of water across the land - greatly hindering outdoors workers without shelter.

-3% Clay Production at this city

Torrential Rains

Vast stormclouds gather over your enemy's city, unleashing a torrent of driving rain to flood the surrounding lands, driving all but the hardiest workers to seek shelter indoors.

-6% Clay Production at this city

Plague of Locusts

A swarm of hungry locusts descend on your target, blotting out the sun and driving the citizens to seek shelter, cursing the fickle fates as they scurry indoors.

Destroys a portion of food, livestock and horses at this city

Rotten Timber

A mysterious blight races through the forests surrounding your target's city, forcing his foresters to search far and wide for suitable wood to cut.

-3% Wood Production at this city

Forest Blight

An enhanced version of Rotten Timber, Forest Blight sends an infection sweeping through the woodlands at your enemy's city, rotting the timber and sap at great speed.

-6% Wood Production at this city

Minor Tremor

The land shakes and undulates for a few minutes at your target city. Whilst this is not enough to damage buildings, it is certainly enough to cause great difficulties for their workers toiling in the stone quarries, as boulders rain down on them.

-3% Stone Production at this city

Major Tremor

Ripples of geological activity race through your enemy's lands, causing widespread danger to the citizenry - and especially to those workers on the rock face.

-6% Stone Production at this city

Zashlak's Earthly Entropy

During the reign on the Ork-King Aglap, the court sorcerer Zashlak was obsessed by heretical research into his belief that everything - even the very land itself - would ultimately revert to dust and scatter itself into the void. A side effect of his research was this useful spell for hastening the process in miniature and, thankfully, at a distance.

Destroys a portion of stone and clay at this city

Increased Oxidation

This blight causes veins of Iron ore to rust sharply and quickly at your enemy's city, hindering his iron production as his workers struggle to find usable nuggets.

-3% Iron Production at this city

Rapid Oxidation

Acting as a catalyst on the ferrous materials being mined by your enemy, this spell causes Iron ore to rust and flake at great speed, severely hampering Iron production.

-6% Iron Production at this city

Tenaril's Pungent Solvent

The famously scatterbrained alchemist Tenaril did not succeed in his attempts to transmute metals into gold - but in the course of his research he did manage to summon a wispy green mist that settled on his iron ingots, dissolving them entirely.

Destroys a portion of iron and swords at this city

Ground Chill

Agricultural production suffers substantially under a series of mild frosts, where the crop stalks become brittle and the grain damaged.

-3% Food Production at this city

Sharp Frost

Every day the farmers awake at your enemy city they react with disbelief at the severity of the frost that has blighted their croplands.

-6% Food production at this city

Carrigen's Infestation

Maddened by the success of his illustrious counterparts, the obscure magician Carrigen devoted his energies to hampering their efforts and thwarting their successes. He devoted his life to developing a magical infestation in order to destroy the contents of libraries and academies.

Destroys a portion of research points, mana and books

Carrigen's Mental Lethargy

Building on the instant successes of his Infestation spell, Carrigen developed a Blight that would also damage his enemy's ability to recover swiftly from the loss of his research.

-6% to Mana and Research Production at this city