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Dwarf Diplomats

All Dwarven lands have Sentries posted who inform them of the comings and goings around them. There exists in Dwarven Lands a group of elite Sentries who are known as the Watchers. They have infinite patience and can scry out enemy intentions very adeptly.
Keeper of Secrets
Dwarven goods are coveted across the globe. As such, one occasionally sees groups of Dwarven merchants traveling the byways selling such goods. If they are collecting information at the same time, so much the better - as far as the Dwarven lords are concerned... Certain groups of Dwarven greybeards - after many years of training - attain the exalted rank of “Keeper of Secrets”. These skilled spies are often found counseling their Lords on the next strategic move.
Dwarven society, like all others, has youths who go astray. These Footpads are often recruited to make their natural proclivity towards crime productive for their lords. Halflings are a race of Dwarven cousins who are small, sneaky, and incredibly proficient at depriving their enemies of their belongings.
Dwarves are experts at undermining structures. As such they inherently know the weaknesses of the buildings their lord wants them to demolish. After many years, some Dwarven Sappers are selected to become part of the elite group of Underminers. Rare is a building that survives their attention long.
Deep Dweller
Certain Dwarves are relegated to the execution of the Dwarven Lord's enemies. These Executioners follow out their commands without fear. There are rumored to be Dwarven hermits who live only in the deepest caverns of the realm, experimenting with the noxious toxins one finds in the bowels of the Earth. These Dwarves are occasionally used by their lords to eliminate particularly troublesome enemy generals.
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