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Elf Diplomats

Scouting comes naturally to Elves. Young elves often break their teeth as Trackers and it is rare that strangers travel more than a league into Elven lands without a Tracker taking notice. Those Trackers who show special aptitude for being at one with the woods are mentored and after many years of practice have the opportunity to take the exalted title of Outrider.
Young Elves often roam around the World “finding their way”. If some of them report back enemy cities' capabilities, it can't hurt an Elven Lords' planning session, can it? Elven Farseers are a specified type of wood mage who use forest pools to scry out the capabilities of enemy cities.
Dark Elf
Most Elves abhor theft. "Most", that is. Those Rogues who stray from the path are often used to procure items of interest from Elven enemies. Many an Elven ruler isn't above using their nefarious cousins, the Dark Elves, to steal items of particular value from their enemies. Dark Elves are especially proficient at such tasks and rarely leave a trace...
Elven Pruner
Dark Elf Saboteur
Elves with a destructive bent are often sent to cut down enemy buildings. These Elven “Pruners” make sure the opposition's buildings do not grow healthily. An Elven Lord who is in dire need of reducing an enemy town's strength often turns to his Dark cousins. Dark Elf Saboteurs relish plying their expertise in late night arson.
Night Shade
Named after their long and thin daggers, the Elves use Willowblades to eliminate rival generals. In the forest no plant is more lethal than the Deadly Nightshade. The Elven master killers are thus named. Armed with a vast expertise in natural poisons, these Elves are infamous for sending rivals to “natural deaths”, unbeknownst to nature.
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