illyriad - Grand Strategy MMO

Human Diplomats

Without knowing your enemy's strength you are inviting disaster. Scouts report enemy force levels - an invaluable tool for any successful general. When human scouts no longer are nervous about sneaking around behind enemy lines they can apply to become Rangers - the elite Human scouting force. Rangers also, due to their experience, can learn much more about enemy intentions.
“Know thine enemy” applies to more than just military forces. Agents determine what capabilities a foreign city has, and are therefore essential information gatherers for Human Lords. Infiltrating a foreign city and learning all of its capabilities requires enormous charisma and deviousness. As such, rare individuals are groomed to become Spymasters to give his lord a complete picture of an enemy city's infrastructure.
Master Thief
A wise lord doesn't always imprison the burglars he catches. If they are skilled, sometimes he hires them instead. When a ruler really needs something that doesn't belong to him stolen, he recruits the most accomplished members of his Thieves Guild for the task. These Master Thieves rarely fail in their missions.
Agent Provocateur
Often times an enemy who grows too strong needs the strength of his town taken down a notch or two. This is where Saboteurs come in handy. They relish in destroying enemy buildings. If it is of supreme importance that an enemy structure is not completed, the lord turns to his Agent Provocateurs. Isn't it a pity that the town's consulate expansion was destroyed by an accidental fire?
To be a great Lord, one sometimes needs opponents to... shall we say... "make themselves scarce"? Hence the need for cutthroats. Deep in the mountains of Ushrakhan on the top of a pinnacle of rock is a castle. This is the home and training ground for the dreaded Assassins, the world's greatest purveyors of death. When you need someone dead, you recruit these master killers.
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