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Orc Diplomats

From early childhood an Orc hunts - or an Orc starves... Therefore, there are large numbers of young Orcs who are proficient at sneaking around. If you are not a particularly large Orc - but have natural cunning - your best career move is to become a Stalker. They are responsible for finding enemy armies to kill. And eat.
Goblin Spy
Listener In The Dark
Orcs like to use their diminutive cousins, Goblins, to sneak around and tell them what an enemy city looks like. That rustling you hear late at night in a dark alleyway isn't always a stray cat... Listeners In The Dark are the Orcish master spies. Rarely seen in daylight, they are rumored to use dark magic to make themselves nearly invisible when collecting information for their Dread Lords.
Goblin Cutpurse
Orcs often use their pint size relatives, the Goblins to sneak into enemy towns and relieve them of their coveted belongings. Thievery isn't particularly frowned on in Orcish society - it is almost expected of youngsters to survive. However, only a few Orcs pursue this career (or live long enough to pursue it), and these skilled Plunderers are often dispatched to deprive enemies of their resources.
Goblin Saboteur
Orcs relish in destruction. Destruction in an unobtrusive fashion, however, is often relegated to their sneakier small cousins, the Goblins. Every once in a long while an Orc comes along who has a natural flair for burning structures down. Wise Orcish Lords cultivate these individuals and recruit them to be their Arsonists to use against unsuspecting enemies.
Iqadron Acolyte
Orcs prefer to kill in a path of least resistance, as it tends to preserve one's hide. There are therefore a goodly number of Orcs specialized in poisoning enemies. Only the most deadly and committed Orcs dare apply to the priesthood of Iqadron, the God of Murder. These Orcs live their entire lives perfecting ways to kill others at the behest of the masters of their tribe.
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