MMObility: Survival on a desert island

Illyriad was mentioned in Massively’s MMObility column:

“Illyriad, the fantastic browser-based city-builder. Not only does the game run in any browser, mobile and otherwise, but it looks great. The developers were very smart and made the game playable without the need for plug-ins. This means that I can sign in with any device using my Facebook connect (if I want) and can get right to it without downloading a thing. Many browser games require external downloads or suffer from lag, but Illyriad is a delight to play.

The gameplay of Illyriad is perfect when I have only a few minutes at a time, but with the sheer amount of information, skills to learn, and wonderful community members, there is plenty to do. While on my island, I might scheme about how to take down my neighbor or which skills I will need to become a successful trader … Given Illyriad’s realistic trade, amazing community, and variable-speed gameplay, I would be insane to leave this one off the list.”

You can read the full article here.