Illyriad Community Call-out

Player-run websites and events are an important contribution to the Illyriad community. There is a wealth of knowledge and creativity within our player base and it is always wonderful to see it come to life and engage the community!

One of the earliest community projects was the Unofficial Wiki: Arcanum Illyria, initiated and hosted by HonoredMule:

Several blogs also exist about Illyriad, including: The Wisdom of Kurdruk providing both unusual insight as well as tips for new players created by Kurdruk:

My Eternal Reverie is a collection of Illyriad web-comics and blogs created by SunStorm who recently also hosted the “Capture a City” event:

Of course, we must not forget the The Travelers’ Tale section on the forum where players share their prose, poetry, history and artwork.

The very first tournament in Illyriad was Armok’s Blood Bowl which was player-run and created by Noryasha Grunk. Our first official tournament was indeed inspired by the players themselves!

It’s fantastic when player-driven events and challenges emerge from and engage the community. Equally of note, both remarkable in balance and to be arranged by such a new player was the open to all players Race to the Center of the Universe run by Hugie. In fact, the 6th ranked player had only started playing Illyriad the previous month. The dev team did graciously step in to provide the photo-finish as there were only 350 milliseconds between first and second place!

Most recently created is the ambitious Illyriad Olympics, mini-tournaments in the world of Illyria:

Currently there are three tournament ideas listed for players to try:

A big thank you to all of the Illyriad player-tournament hosts, bloggers and fansite operators. We wish you the best of luck!

If you have an Illyriad blog or fansite that is not listed here or have a tournament you’d like help promoting, send an email to community(at) to let us know about it.

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