Player Spotlight: Tansiraine

Nominated by several fellow players, this month’s Player Spotlight focuses on Tansiraine. A big thank you to everyone who sent in nominations, and to Tansiraine for her contributions to the Illyriad community. Learn more about the Player Spotlight program at our website and nominate players by sending an email to 

What brought you to Illyriad and how long have you been playing?

I have been playing for a little over a year and a half. I was one of the people that joined through Facebook ad.

Have you played many other online games or been active in other online communities?

I have played other online games. In each game I ended up in a welcome party for new players or in a teaching role of the basics

Any hidden talents or interesting hobbies outside of gaming?

Hidden talents…if I tell you they are not Hidden anymore. My interest outside of gaming right now are school to get my degree and my grand daughter who was just born May 28th

What keeps you playing Illyriad?

The people keep me playing Illy. The whole community here is so different then other games I played like this. Even when there is a war it is a friendly and warm place to be.

What’s your favorite aspect of the game?

I love that you can have multiple focus. My cities are heavy military focus but I can still do gathering and crafting,

What’s your proudest achievement in game so far?

Joining H? I remember when I started to play Illy and was in awe of the Vets. They have such a vast knowledge of the game casue they are soooo Old.( sorry KP and Kumo) That is when I decided I wanted to be part of H? it took me awhile to get here but the things I learned from them are amazing and they also put up with me!

What are you most looking forward to for the future of Illyriad?

I am looking forward to Broken Lands. I think it will be interesting to see how people act when there is not threat of Vet or bigger player stepping in on picking on little guys. There are so many ways to build a city and to see how many people will take the time to be aggressive.

What area of the game do you think needs the most improvement?

The biggest thing I think are the petitions. The turn around rate is terrible. Some are open for over a year.

What advice would you give a new player in Illyriad?

There is no need to jump into an alliance. Take your time speak up in Global Chat. There are always Vets and knowledgeable people lurking.

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  1. Excellent choice for the spotlight! All new players should speak up in Global Chat and at least say hi to Tansi. Even within the very friendly Illyriad community, she is notable as a super dedicated protector of small players.

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