Factions: Early Thoughts Revisited

Factions are now, of course, ingame  (at least textually at the moment and via hubs on the world map), but I thought it might be interesting to share a first draft of a thematic map from the dev forums that I put together last year, illustrating my initial thoughts on how these might all fit together thematically (rather than geographically).

No, it didn’t make a huge amount of sense to the team either…!   But it’s still quite close to my heart.

Some faction concepts didn’t make it to live; most did.  And, of course, the ones up in the top right have, mostly, yet to be seen ingame.

3 thoughts on “Factions: Early Thoughts Revisited”

  1. I like very much that scheme thought!! I hope its structure lay under the actual faction diversity… it would give an strong sense of reality (organised biodiversity) to the game!

    It’s a pity there aren’t, at the moment, factions related to the Fay group… like Half-Elves; Sidh Folks or fairies… it would be nice also dwarves factions had different anatomies, being shorter or taller, with diff hair colors and so; as Elves are..

    God job anyway. Illyriad is awesome 🙂


  2. Sorry, In the comment above I put Half Elves inside the Fay group… I referred to Boggarts and that… but I wanted to say that also Half Elves would be nice to find, as other mixed races.


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