Introducing Illyriad UIv3

Illyriad is proud to reveal a first look at the new UI version 3. 

After the successful launch of UIv2 last year, the development team agrees that it is time to take yet another step forward with the Illyriad interface design. Presentation and usability are important to the success of a game, and the new UIv3 should make Illyriad even more appealing and successful to a broader target audience.

We at Illyriad Games Ltd., believe there is an untapped marked for complex, sandbox-style, online military strategy games. This untapped market represents billions of dollars in spending each year on virtual goods and entertainment.  This market is tweens, specifically tween girls. And with UIv3, we are certain to create an environment that appeals and connects to this new target market.

This is an early, work-in-progress concept of the town page. You’ll notice the new, helpful pop-ups that remind you of things that need to be done in game. This will make the game even more accessible for our new target audience and includes a fun, new art style as well.

(Click for a full size view.)

UIv3 will be available for testing and release soon™.

We are proud to be leading the marketplace as the first sandbox MMORTS for tweens and look forward to expanding the Illyriad community in a new direction.

GM Luna


****April Fools! This is very much a joke and not an actual design for the Illyriad UI. Thank goodness!****

9 thoughts on “Introducing Illyriad UIv3”

  1. Luna! (^_^) LoL Great April 1st post!

    (though a small part of me likes this… you should make an optional feature of custom skins for Illy… lol)

  2. please tell me the PINK isnt gonna happen?

    and the silly cow box thing…please tell me your ‘aving a laff?

  3. my testosterone level dropped as soon as i saw this, headed to doctor now with heart palpitations. argh! april 1st, lol

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