Feature Preview: Alliance Medals

It could be argued that more than anything, Illyriad is a game about Alliances. From tight-knit social groups to well-oiled machines focusing on military excellence, Illy really does have it all. One of the goals of the dev team is to strive to find ways to support and strengthen those bonds. One way that this has been requested from players is to allow individuals to grant their Alliance members titles and awards. This is an excellent idea and one that opens up an opportunity for a whole new level of interaction within Alliances.

The dev team and I are excited to show you a first look at the Illyriad Alliance Medal system. With this new option players will be able to design a medal and award it to a player (or players) within their Alliance. The medal designer allows for hundreds, if not thousands, of unique combinations using several graphical layers for each medal. Designs can range from small and simple to very ornate and detailed. They can then be given a name and a title to be awarded to the player.

The possibilities for how these can be used are really endless. You could give them out to show rank within the Alliance, to commemorate an epic event or battle or as awards for inter-alliance tournaments. I have no doubt our players will come up with some truly unique and clever ways of using the system.

This is also exciting for us on the development side because it represents the first time in-game where players have the opportunity to deeply customize and create a unique visual mark for a character. I know that I, for one, have enjoyed playing around with the tool to see what sorts of crazy concepts I could make. The creative work of our art director GM Cerberus on this project thus far, has really been astounding.

Below are just a few examples of designs possible with our medal designer.

Full details about the Alliance medal system will be coming soon and the designer will be available in a future game update.

GM Luna

5 thoughts on “Feature Preview: Alliance Medals”

  1. My alliance mates all deserve a medal just for being their awesome selves. Oh, and I really hope there will be a Crow depiction to be used on the medals. I think there might be a number of alliances that might use it. 😉


    reminds me of making signatures for people on forums 🙂

    also, was suggesting forever ago a way for an alliance to share and buy prestige, Alliance Prestige, then add in roles weather or not members can access it

    color in titles, text editor for titles

    feature to allow members to donate in coffers/open coffers

    and a couple more lol

    anyway this is very cool 😀

  3. preaty nice idea 😀

    are the medals regardless of you’re aliance?
    i mean: you are in aliance A and you get a medal.

    when you go to aliance B you still have the medal?

    if so is there any way people can know who (player & aliance) have crafted/given the medal to the player?

  4. The medals stay with you even when you change alliances and are noted with which alliance awarded them to you.


  5. that is nice 😀
    they are preaty amazing to bad we won’t see them frequently due to unproportional prestige cost…

    i belive they should cost less prestige both to make and to award

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